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the poem tree

The Poem Tree, administered and edited by Caleb Murdock,  contains a wealth of metered poetry from Shakespeare up to the present. Although there are many examples of free-form verse in the site’s collection, the primary focus is on more formal poetry.

As Mr. Murdock points out, metered poetry is making a comeback.  One only has to browse the wealth of poetry blogs out there to find many fine examples of active, creative poets that are adhering to past forms

Set aside time to browse the  essays  particularly Murdock’s  “Is It Poetry or Prose?” and “A Look at Scansion Methods”

The Poem Tree also accepts submissions of  previously published poetry submissions (even if only published in a small journal or on a website.)   Both quality and use of meter appear to be an important part of the selection process: those poems posted on the site are worth exploring!

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