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dVerse — Poet’s Pub

Dverse is promotes poetic diversity by providing a gathering place for poets of all backgrounds, styles and approaches to gather, share poetry and give and receive critiques.

This is an amazing site and well worth taking time to explore older posts in all of the following categories:

  • FormForAll Articles that introduce and explain a given form of poetry, such as the sestina.  Guests are encouraged to create a poem for that form and then link to their composition.
  • Meeting the Bar: Critique and Craft  Alternates weekly with  FormForAll providing specific challenges to guests.
  • OpenLinkNight  (Guests can link to any of their poems and browse other poet’s links.)
  • Poetics  (This is one of the most interesting places to visit.  Guests write about a provided poetry prompt and link to their completed poems.)
  • Pretzels & Bullfights Weekly posts of significant poems of important poets.

If one is serious about developing the poetry skills, this is a must site to visit.  Join the other regulars, meet new friends and develop your poetry skills!


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Hello Poetry

Hello Poetry has established a community of poets sharing their poems with each other, and if they wish to take the next step, create a digital book they can sell online.

One can leisurely browse through the sites most popular poems, select a random poem,  or stick with the editors’ picks.

It’s a good alternative for those that don’t wish to start a blog or a  good secondary outlet for posting poems originally posted on one’s personal blog.

After posting a poem, the author can track how many people read it, read their comments, or opt to pay for a “Pro” account with extra features including tracking statistics.   There are also a large number of groups that one can join including a “Mutual Admirer’s Society,  with currently 2231 members with a number of “collections” (categories) of poems including “Poems We Wished Others Would Love!

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